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Empty music venue

Grassroots music venues need our help - here’s what brands and fans can do

We’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Mark Davyd, founder and CEO of the Music Venue Trust, who has worked tirelessly this year to save grassroots music venues from permanent closure. Lots has already been achieved but there are more venues that need our help. We’ve talked about what everyone - including brands and fans - can do to help.

The Venue Perspective

There are currently 30 venues at highest risk and we can save them if all pull together. Donations are of course always welcome and every little helps. But the strongest power we all have is our voice. Everyone can help to drive awareness for the struggle of grassroots music venues and take action by writing to their MPs and rallying local support. And the same thing goes for brands. The best way for brands to help is by using their platform to reach a big audience and amplify the message. 

Watch the full interview below.

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